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Solid Steel Padlocks

The Cobra Lock 8200 Series Padlocks are constructed of Solid Steel with a Hardened Steel shackle.  We custom assemble this padlock to your exact specifications.  Order EXACTLY what you need.

Was: $19.00
Now: $18.25
SFIC Deadbolt Lock

Arrow D Series SFIC or IC Deadbolt Lock has Grade 1 compliance.  This Deadbolt is a heavy duty solution when using SFIC lock cores.  Comes with enhanced security features.

Was: $69.00
Now: $68.25
Occupancy Indicator Deadbolt Lock

Arrow Occupancy Indicator Deadbolt Lock is based on the Grade 3 E Series Deadbolt Frame.  It will indicate "In Use" or Vacant" on the outside of the door.

Was: $28.50
Now: $26.75